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    Age of Mythology installed on Parallels won't play?
    I installed AoM for Windows, but when I try to open it it says "This graphics card is no supported by Age of Mythology. Video Card 0: prl_vadd.dll Parallels Video Adapter Vendor(0x1AB8) Device(0x4005)"

    What? The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M isn't on the unsupported list. Help, please!

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    Age of Mythology installed on Parallels won't play?
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    Playing games in VMs is not a good choice as graphics support is limited for 3D stuff. Virtualization products like Parallels only emulate or "virtualize" hardware. As you can see there, your video adapter is recognized as the "Parallels Video Adapter". If you want to play 3D Windows games, you're going to have to go the Boot Camp route.
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