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Thread: iCal Share

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    iCal Share
    My girlfriend has an iCal with our lives in it. I have my own separate iCal. I would like to share the two iCal events between us. How would I do this?


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    iCal Share
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    the best product I've seen to do this is commercial.. but it flat out rocks, full syncing etc.. intuitive.. it's busysync this includes subscriptions and publishing to google calendars.. there was a free way I tried to sync through google, but I ended up with a myriad of duplicate entries and my patience for such things is nil outside work
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    I have the same problem, unable to copy ical data from iMac to MacBook. I tried with export, but result was doubled events, mixed colors, I am not happy.
    Is there someone who succedeed to transfer iCal data from one to another Mac?
    And if there is, how did you do it?

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    iCal Share
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    What if u go to Calendar drop down and select subscribe;

    Click for full size

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    iCal share
    Thank you
    I will try to do it

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