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    Apple Mail question
    good afternoon everyone. First time here. I work in the IT department and mostly support PC's,but we do have a few macs here. Anway, was wondering if someone could help me out. basically we run Exchange 2003. One of my users is using Apple Mail and wants to know if he is able to access the Global Address Book much like Outlook users. also, using Mail, can he access the calendar feature, like if he wants to schedule events and appointments. I've been doing some searching and talking to other mac users here,but not much luck? Is there a way to do these things using Enterouge? Thanks!

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    um...calander, yeah. entourage can do that fine. As for the address book, entourage HAS an address book, but i've never had the means to check to see if it will link with a global book. I know of a website that answers like 1000 etourage questions (mostly doubled up, but they are some good ones) that I can check or let you know about if you're thinking of running the entourageMac route.

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    Apple Mail question

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    Microsoft has a nice page on using Entourage with Exchange

    The linked whitepaper should help you.

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