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    help with mercury messenger/proteus

    i have been using other messengers besides msn for my chattin since others like proteus and mercury allow for webcam and diplay pictures and stuff but suddenly today i cant log in to either proteus or mercury i can only log onto msn, i tried redownloading the others and checking for updates and dowloaded the updates and sitll they wont let me log in it just fails to connect andkeeps trying. what could be causing me to only be able to log in on the acutal msn messneger and not others?

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    help with mercury messenger/proteus
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    I am able to login to my msn account from Proteus. Try turning your msn account off in proteus, wait about 15 minutes, then try turning it on again. It did go out earlier today for me, but I waited awhile and just turned it on and it's good to go.

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