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    Adium Question

    Bah; I've failed. I try to pride myself on knowing so very much about my own computer, but I have an adium problem/question: I have some new buddies on list, and it has put them in the wrong catagory. So i've tried to move it to the folder I want and I get this message (see attached). I don't have THAT many buddies, I could go through and delete ones that i never talk to anymore, but I'd prefer another way. ichat (on the other hand) keeps them fine. Any thoughts?

    ps (the blurred part is a guys screen name, and I feel I should protect him. haha)
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    Adium Question
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    Are the buddies you are trying to add on AIM? If you have too many old buddies and even blocked buddies on your AIM list, AIM will give you that message. The only way I have found is to get the real AIM program and zap the unwanted buddies off the list. Then you can add new ones. I forget what the limit is for buddies but maybe 150. I don't know if Adium will zap the buddies off the AIM server or not. Never tried it, but I know that will Trillian on the PC, I had to use the real AIM program or it would not clear the list.

    If you are using AIM that is probably the problem.

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    The people I've added are on aim. I should probably go through and purge out the ones I don't need. I have no where near 100 buddies. The people work fine, though, they just can't move to the folder I want.
    Thanks, though.

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    Well, I just tossed out the whole adium thing and started over. Now everything is in it's place and everything is where it should be... Hassle? yes. Worth it, to be organized? yes.

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    Adium Question
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    I get that allllllll the time I've gotten sooo tired of it I use aim 4.7 to add buddies but adium to chat. From what I no they still havn't fixed this.

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    lol i should stay organized.. my messenger has my family in my buddiess my buddies in my coworks and what ever i have around 300 buddies... i to like 20 of them and those i dont have on my budddylist except for under the recent buddies section

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    Well, I just uber deleted adium (every file and every file that even lookeed like it might have to do with adium, 'cause i was that angry ahaha)but i installed it again and everything is dandy.

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