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Thread: iMovie quits

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    iMovie quits

    Just curious, when my digital camcorder is hooked up and I'm watching what's on it through iMovie sometimes the program just quits. What can i do to stop this?? Its starting to become more frequent now

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    Which computer is this with ? The iMac or the iBook ?

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    iMovie quits
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    Which version of iLife do you have? iMovie 5 seems to be a lot more stable than iMovie 4, which also would sometimes crash on my iBook..

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    its on the iMac and it is iMovie HD so...

    the report says

    Kern Protection Failure

    so whatever that means.

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    If iMovie unexpectedly quits, install the latest software updates

    and remove third-party iMovie plug-ins and QuickTime codecs that could potentially cause this symptom.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of iMovie. It is available through Software Updates preferences or the iMovie website (

    Make sure you have installed the latest Mac OS update. It is available through Software Updates preferences or from the Mac OS X website (http// Note: If you are not using Mac OS X 10.2
    or later, update to Mac OS X 10.1.5 at a minimum.

    Make sure you have installed the latest QuickTime Update. It is available through Software Updates preferences or from the QuickTime website (

    Incorrect permission settings could cause this symptom. See technical document 106712 "Mac OS X: Troubleshooting Permissions Issues" for information on checking permission settings.

    Third-party iMovie plug-ins or QuickTime codecs could also cause this symptom. Disable them and test to see if the symptom is solved by following these steps:

    To remove third-party iMovie Plug-ins:

    1. Quit iMovie.
    2. Open ~/Library/iMovie and see if any files are installed, if so, drag these items to the Desktop. Note: The tilde character "~" represents your home folder.
    3. Open iMovie and see if the symptom still occurs.

    The Toast Video CD Export plug-in is installed in the iMovie package. To see if this is installed, follow these steps:
    1. Locate the iMovie 3 application icon in the Finder. It should be in the Applications folder.
    2. Click the application icon to select it.
    3. Choose File > Get Info.
    4. In the Get Info window that appears, select the Plug-ins pane as indicated: For Mac OS 10.1 through 10.1.5, choose Plug-ins from the pop-up menu. For Mac OS 10.2 or later, click the disclosure triangle next to Plug-ins.
    5. Scroll through the list of plug-ins and deselect the Toast Video CD Export option if it is present.

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    yup saw this on the apple page but no go... not sure why its doing it

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    is it because I'm dasiy chaining? Someone else said I should invest in a Firewire HUB rather than daisy chain all my firewire gear. What's the difference?

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    Kernel protection failures are usually caused by bad ram or a bad input devices (usb, firewire...) so yes that could be the problem.

    Have you got good quality ram installed ? Try just unplugging everything and connecting directly, if it's a kernel crash then it could even be the camera itself.

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    imovie quits unexpectedly......

    I used iMovie for the first time the other day.The other day I plugged in a Sony video camera into my MacBook (10.5.6) which is fully uptodate with all software updates.

    With some of the 45 moive clips that I uploaded from the camera, I started building my desired movie. The next morning when I turned my macbook back on and loaded iMovie, it said that it detected a camera was attached when there wasn't one and attempted to upload the movies. After this it then attempts to create thumbnails where, after it gets halfway through the process iMovie shuts down and quits unexpectedly. This process occurs everytime I now try and open iMovie

    I followed all your suggestions from the post on 27/3/05 but to no avail.

    Any help with this problem would be invaluable for this movie that I am working on is a requirement for a university report.

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