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    Question Help with Facing Pages layout (InDesign)

    I'm working on a multi-page annual report. Normally when I'm laying it out in InDesign, I'd set two "actual" pages on a single InDesign page, like this:

    Spread 1 - page 8 / page 1 (or back / front covers)
    Spread 2 - page 2 / page 7
    Spread 3 - page 6 / page 3
    Spread 4 - page 4 / page 5

    So basically, for each of the two pages side-by-side I'm working on a single 17x11 InDesign page that will then fold down to the normal 8.5x11 pages, set up so they're laid out as the printer would bind them rather than in sequential order.

    However, I'd like to try designing the layout "normally," as in:

    Spread 1 - page 1 (front cover)
    Spread 2 - page 2 / page 3
    Spread 3 - page 4 / page 5
    Spread 4 - page 6/ page 7
    Spread 5 - page 8 (back cover) I'm not having to deal with viewing the layouts "out of order," as it were. So my question is, is that what the Facing Pages layout option is? I can choose a new document, set it up as Facing Pages, and then design in that 1-2-3 page order?

    Hope this makes sense... Thanks!


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    Help with Facing Pages layout (InDesign)
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    facing pages usually isn't good to use, it automatically makes all pages side by side, or pushed into spreads, so what you are trying to do is not gonna work using facing pages as it would do this:
    Spread 1 - page 1 (front cover)/page 2
    Spread 2 - page 3/page 4
    Spread 3 - page 5/page 6
    Spread 4 - page 7/page 8 (back cover)

    though it's fairly simple to do manually. I love indesign, but facing pages is not what it should be, as it is not in quark either.

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    No, when I did a test using Facing Pages it did this:

    Spread 1 - front cover
    Spread 2 - pages 2/3
    Spread 3 - pages 4/5
    Spread 4 - pages 6/7
    Spread 5 - back cover

    Which is what I wanted. It didn't put the covers on the same spread as an inside page.


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    Help with Facing Pages layout (InDesign)
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    interesting, must be something in the preferences, it's always done it the way I said above for me.

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    Maybe this helps. When designing, setup doc for 8 pages with facing pages. Should be 1 page single page, 2nd and 3rd page facing pages... last page as a single page. Then have your printing service bureau "build a booklet" for you. Build a booklet converts the document to the appropriate spread for saddle stiching. (saddle stitching is essetnially stacking the pages stapling them in the middle and folding them to build a booklet. You can purchase a "pagemaker plug in pack" from adobe for $49 that will build a booklet for you, but, unless you are photocopying it, it is best to have your printer do this. This page layout only works if your page quantity is a multiple of 4.

    Hope this helps.

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    Angry Facing Pages, Spreads and Getting it Printed
    Yes, indeed! I was happily (NOT) struggling to bend InDesign CS3 to my will to make a 24-page booklet for Kinko's to print. My "page" was half of a letter sheet in side-by-side spreads. Two pages to a spread, right? Not in InDesign land. It treated each spread as a page.

    Kinko's said, "Bring us a pdf of your file to print from." I did. I even made them a mockup of the printed sheets so they would get it right, i.e. in the middle of the booklet, pages 10 and 11 are backed by pages 9 and 12, pages 13 and 14 are backed by pages 8 and 15. Naturally, I made up my pages in numerical order.

    When I go to Kinko's, they took one look at the pd and said, "We can't make a booklet from this. Give us a pdf of individual pages." Try as I might, I could not separate those spreads into individual pages. And all the online advice said uncheck "facing pages," which WAS unchecked.

    The problem: InDesign calls my letter-size sheet a page no matter how many half-size or quarter-size pages I think I have created on the sheet. A quick and dirty solution that I think may work: 1. Make two copies of the original. Label them "file odd# pages" and "file even# pages." Then crop and delete from each the # pages that do not belong.2. Make two pdf's, one with single odd# pages, the other even #s.

    I hope from that they can make me a booklet.


    copy of the file and label it "file Even # pages." 2. Crop and delete each o#

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    PDF's Odd and Even Did Not Work
    Kinko's said they could not work from those. (I only removed half the content from each page without reducing the spread to individual half-letter pages.)

    Is the only way to solve this (once the mistake is made) is to create a new, single page document and copy and paste from the old (spread) file to the new single-page file? Thanks, folks.

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