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    Xtorrent - limited number of connections?
    I really like Xtorrent, but it seems like my max number of host connections is always capped at around 25-30 (even if the torrent has 1000+ peers/seeds). This limits my max download per torrent to about 200-300 KB/s. I can max my connection by downloading multiple torrents, but I can never max out on just one torrent.

    Is this normal? Anyone else notice this with Xtorrent or any other clients? I'm trying to figure out if it's an Xtorrent thing or more of a drawback of OSX (Tiger).

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    Sorry to dig old threads, but I've just updated my xtorrent and now it caps the seeds, all too quickly.
    There's no way I'm paying £23 so I'm wondering what other people did and if they switched allegiances.
    I've tried uTorrent but don't like that you have to search for the torrents outside the app. Is there one similar to Xtorrent in this respect?

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