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    Problem with music playlist in iPhoto.
    When I make a slideshow, and then click the music button at the bottom, it will bring up the library, but when I select the playlist, the songs can only be displayed in order by song name, artist, etc, which isn't the way I made the playlist in iTunes. Anyone know a solution to this?

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    Slideshow Music Playlist Problem
    Hey, I am having similar problems with Iphoto 6 because when I click the music icon at the bottom of the slideshow window, none of my playlists show up. I can only select individual songs. And I've looked everywhere for a setting that enables playlists to come up. Before having my software reconfigured, I was able to select only playlists and not songs from my library and I loved that, how do I my setting back to just playlists? Or any way to set iphoto music to recognize a playlist in my itunes?? Thanks!

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