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    Help with Garmin Software
    Hi everyone,

    My first post. I am a new mac owner and have a Garmin 60Csx GPS as well as City Navigator and Topo Canada software which is for my old PC.
    I have loaded the following in my mac:
    Garmin MapInstaller
    Garmin Mapmanager
    Garmin Road Trip

    I have then been following these instructions to get the maps converted from PC to Mac.

    So I have the first file for citynav on my mac harddrive but when I try and open it it will not archive. It comes up with Error 2 - no such file or directory.

    Not sure why....the file is the converted file from Mapconverter and is a TGZ file.

    Any ideas or better ways to convert my software?


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    Help with Garmin Software
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    Make sure the Garmin software is made for Mac OSX:
    Garmin | Mac OS X - Current Software, news and more
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    Yep, installed the MAC OS from that site.

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