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    Safari- websites won't load.
    I'm having major troubles accessing some websites. Only certain sites will load. For example, I have no trouble accessing but is a no go. Other websites load after about half an hour- like

    Can anyone help me sort this issue out?

    I am using the latest update of Tiger and am connecting using wifi, via Safari and a Netgear DG834PN wireless router. A friend using Leopard is having the same problem. And using Firefox instead makes no difference.

    This is a new modem and these problems started when I started using it. When I connected it up, I used all the default settings and used automatic configurations via the configuration wizard software. I tried manually changing the DNS settings to openDNS but that stopped the connection working altogether. That's the only thing I've changed manually. I've also tried to 'reset' Safari.

    There's a Netgear troubleshooter "Troubleshooting internet connection" but- ironically- it's a website, and it's one that will not load.

    If it is not the router, it could be because of the fact I'm trying to do this in France. My ISP is I bought the router in the UK. Could this be causing problems?

    If anyone can help, please let me know as this is driving me nuts!


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    Struggling with websites too
    I've had a bizarre problem accessing MGM Grand Websites from all macs I have access to (6 in total). Can access fine from PC but not any of the macs and I don't know why. They're a big company so it seems strange. Even having trouble from firefox. Does anyone have a solution?

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