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    windows media on firefox, help :(

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    Nov 12, 2008
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    Angry windows media on firefox, help :(
    unfortunately, the website i work for is pretty mac-unfriendly and all its video streaming is based on WMV stored on CastUp.

    [it's also terribly buggy and unstable and keeps crashing my Firefox whenever i use Agent Switcher to switch to IE mode, but that's another story]

    Whenever i open a page that has video, say this one the embedded video player just shows a grey screen that says "to install windows media player click here", and leads to a page that has WMP add-ons for Windows only.

    i've tried installing Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X and the MediaPlayerConnectivity plugin from the Firefox website, which supposedly opens WMV files in an external app in "one simple click", but that doesn't really seem to be helping, it doesn't even detect the embedded media.

    at the moment i'm forced to view the site on Windows XP using Parallels, which is annoying as ****.

    any ideas on what i can do?

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    windows media on firefox, help :(
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