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    Unhappy itunes library moved to Ext HD - iPhone sync - paired to different library
    I've got a MBP running 10.4.11 and a iPhone 3G. I went out and bought a Western Digital portable external hard drive because my system drive was over flowing with stuff. I found my music was the biggest culprit so decided to move my iTunes (V.8) library to this new drive. I changed the location of the music folder in preferences, thinking that would sort it. When I opened iTunes again after a restart I found all my library was gone. I have dragged my library file into my iTunes and now I have duplicates of playlists (which is a pain but not end of world) and my music plays.
    I thought that was it, SORTED!

    But now if I want to plug in my iPhone to my mac it says that it is paired with a different iTunes library and that it will overwrite anything on my iPhone. My fear is that the latest apps I have purchased from the app store are on my phone and will be lost if I sync it with a new library.

    Is there any way I could get my iPhone to read my library as the same as the old one. The music is all the same and nothing has really changed!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    itunes library moved to Ext HD - iPhone sync - paired to different library
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    BUMP. Anyone know what to do? I replaced an internal hard drive on my MBP and now I can't sync my iPhone to my comp because it is 'paired with another comp'. My concern is losing the apps I paid for.

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    itunes library moved to Ext HD - iPhone sync - paired to different library
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    Can you not back up the apps to your Mac and literally start from scratch?
    I think the problem with the iTunes move may have been with not consolidating your library when you made the move. This moves all the files and data to the new folder location.
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