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    Safari Browser History
    I've recently signed up to the site, but lingered for a bit.


    I'm wondering if there is a way to get a more detailed browser history using Safari 1.3, on OS 10.3.9. Specifically, I'm hoping to find specific times websites were accessed, rather than just the day.

    I know how to do this on my own Mac at home, but that's using Leopard. Not sure how to do this (if it's even possible) without Spotlight.

    Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    Whoops. I had the labels wrong. I thought 10.3 was Tiger, but I guess it's actually Panther.

    Shows how new I am.

    Anyhow, still haven't figured out a solution.

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    Ok, I found the best way to do this, and in case anyone ever needs help, here's what to do.

    (Note: I know it's much easier to track down the time a site was accessed using Spotlight, but I needed to find a way to do this on Panther)

    1) Use Finder to locate the History.plist file, that Safari creates from the browser history.

    2) Convert this file to XML, which you can do at this site: .plist Converter |

    3) Dig through the XML file and look for the Core Foundation time, which is generally a 10 digit number, including a decimal place (e.g.: 245787735.5)

    4) Use CFAbsoluteTimeConverter (download from, to convert this 10 digit number into a date and time (245787735.5 turns into Wednesday 15 October 2008 02:22:15PM).

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