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    Ipod balance issues

    A few weeks ago, i have updated the software on my Ipod. Currently the latest release. Itunes is also

    The issue is that the balance is wrong. Left speaker is like 2 times louder than the right one. I have tested the Ipod with other headsets and the issue is still there.

    I have the 30 Gb Ipod with video, which I bought last june (2006). Since than, I haven't dropped it once, and took very good care (still has the original plastic cover on the screen and clickwheel).

    I have seen only one other thread on the net with someone having this problem, also possibly occurring after this software update.

    Has anyone encountered this issue? How did you fix it. What should I do. I am in Romania, and I don't think I can get it to a AASP.


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    Ipod balance issues
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    My suggestion is restore iPod through iTunes. This link may help more than I can:
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    Yeah, but if I do that I will lose all information.
    Is there a fast way to back-up everything back to my PC.

    I have all stuff on my PC but I want all playlists files etc in the exact same way on the Ipod after the restore.

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