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    Apple Certified Refurbished iPod..???????? has anyone??
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    Exclamation Apple Certified Refurbished iPod..???????? has anyone??
    Apple Certified Refurbished iPod...???

    Has anyone brought one ever? I recentlly had my 30gig video stolen and was just looking at a cheap option..

    mainly at nano's now, and they have black 4gig nanos for under $200 AUD

    i was wondering if anyone had brought Apple Certified Refurbished gear b4?

    and if so whats it like? they say its stuff sent back bla bla bla but im worried it'll be scratched ect..

    i dont want someones dodgy nano lol

    and im not prepared to pay $330+ AUD for a 8gig black nano

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    Apple Certified Refurbished iPod..???????? has anyone??
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    I've had two. I bought a mini a few years ago and it still runs flawlessly today. I purchased a 40GB 3G last year and it turned out to be garbage. They gave me a full refund although I had it for a month and a half.
    I've bought 2 refurb computers as well and have had zero problems. It's the way to go!!

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    Apple Certified Refurbished iPod..???????? has anyone??
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    I bought two refurbed iPod Videos and they are just like new ones other than they came in plain brown boxes. All the accessories you get with a new one come with it, and I would not be able to tell the difference.

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