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    Question itunes album art
    how do i replace or delete the current album art? some of my songs had the wrong album art added to it automatically, so i tried dragging the correct image to the itunes but it wouldnt let me replace the old picture.

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    itunes album art
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    Hey musicislife,

    its very simple. All you have to do is, Highlight the Song name that you wanna change Album Art for. then from there is 2 ways.

    1. Click on File --> Get Info.
    That will open a separate window with all the info for the Song. Then select the Album Art tap and Voila! u can delete the current one and replace it with whichever one u want.

    2. Just right click on the Song and from the drop down menu click on Get Info and follow instructions from above.


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    oh ok thanks! also is there any way to apply the same album art to an entire cd rather than doing it song by song??

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    itunes album art
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    Quote Originally Posted by musicislife428 View Post
    oh ok thanks! also is there any way to apply the same album art to an entire cd rather than doing it song by song??
    a quick way to do it is to type the album name in the search box (upper right corner in itunes) click on one of the songs then hold your shift key and arrow down till all he songs are highlighted. Then hit cmnd(apple key)+i and go from there.

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    itunes album art
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    Be sure the Cover Art window is displaying Selected Item instead of Now Playing. Highlight the songs in a CD then drop the cover are you want in the cover art window. It will ask as you sure you want to change the art for all selected? Say yes. Works for me. Saves time.

    Hope this makes sense to you. If not ask.

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    itunes album art

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    try a very useful little programme called Clutter... it's freeware and will show the music being played by iTunes in a little window...

    it allows you to search for artwork, choose which is correct and - when you send it to iTunes - applies it to all tracks for the album you're playing a track from...

    beats having iTunes apply the same artwork to every album that has "Greatest" in the title, for instance...

    if Clutter can't find the artwork, you can google the album name and, if you manage to find the cover, save it to the desktop, play a song from the album, than drag the image into the "Currently Playing" window in iTunes... it'll apply the image to all tracks on the album
    Where's the right-click button?

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