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    Bluetooth Transmission from MacBook to Stereo System?
    Hi all,
    I've got a question regarding the bluetooth capability of my new macbook. (I'm new to the world of apple, so bear with me if I start to sound a little ignorant) My problem is that I'm attempting to transmit my music wirelessly from my computer to my stereo through iTunes. I'm looking for a way to transmt it without having to have any adaptors hanging off of my audio jack (if possible). I'm assuming that I can exploit my laptop's bluetooth capabilities for this task, but am not exactly sure how. I read up on the AirPort Express and it seems like it would work, however, I already have a wireless network set up and running, so it seems like this would be some unnecessary overlap. I guess I'm looking for a system simply to handle audio transmission.

    Also, I am a recording engineer and so I can be a little picky when it comes to my sound quality. I would prefer a system that does not use compression to broadcast (again, if possible).

    Thanks much!

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    Bluetooth Transmission from MacBook to Stereo System?

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    Bluetooth doesn't have the range or bandwidth to be viable for hi quality streaming.

    Airport express is the best option
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