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    iPod nano 3rd Generation

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    iPod nano 3rd Generation
    My iPod nano 3rd generation is very old but has served me well.

    I purchased a 2020 model vehicle and when I plugged it in, the screen said "this device is not supported." The outlet in is indeed different from my 2014 model, but I used an adapter which should have worked.

    I don't really want to use my iPhone for my podcasts. My phone battery loses its charge very quickly (iPhone 5s which is also antiquated). I do not have unlimited data either (AT&T).

    Can someone tell me the simplest iPod to purchase for podcast listening in my vehicle? I really would like something without wifi but see those are no longer made.

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    iPod nano 3rd Generation
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    Dig out your auto manual and see which devices it supports. We also purchased a new vehicle this year but the dealer helped my wife set up her iPhone to make calls and play podcasts and other recordings we receive.

    The battery problem should be easy to resolve by keeping the 5s plugged into the USB power accessory of your auto. Why would you need to worry about using data with your iPhone if you're only going to use it for podcasts in the car?

    To answer your question about which iPod to purchase... the newest Nano should be okay. We also have the latest Nano that Apple makes which holds hours of recordings. Stay away from the new iPod Touch as it's too expensive and it also has WiFi capability.

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    iPod nano 3rd Generation
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    You've used the iPod in your previous car without issue? It sounds like you had to do use an adapter to get it to be connected to the new car, what adapter is that? Apple has been getting pretty restrictive about the cables they will work with. For example, I bought a set of 6' lightening cables and while they work perfectly fine for charging my iDevices, I cannot use it to sync anything or connect a device to my car. I had to restore to using the standard Apple cables.

    So start with the cable first before changing anything else.

    Also, I've got an iPod Nano 7th gen and with the discontinuation of that family of iPods, we're left with just the iPod Touch which is of no use to me.

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