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    iPod touch issue

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    iPod touch issue
    After two complete resets of the my 128GB iPod Touch my playlist still shows two unwanted items in the Playlists area.
    (1) untitled folder
    (2) Muisical: Evita

    See attached jpg file.

    I'm unable to delete either one.

    How to fix this?


    Software has latest update.

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    iPod touch issue
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    When you sync it with your computer, delete them while connected?
    -- Bob --
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    iPod touch issue
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    I agree with Bob.

    I've had this problem with "rogue" playlists and really the only way to rid yourself of them is to connect the Touch via USB to your Mac's iTunes and delete that way by syncing.

    Another slight problem I had was in relation to iTunes Music Library which I have "on" in iTunes Preferences. Sometimes when I sync my iPhone, I get duplicate or bogus playlists. I delete them and re-sync, and they're gone.

    Do you subscribe to iTunes Music Library?


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