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    iPod Touch 2 step verification issue

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    iPod Touch 2 step verification issue
    How can I reset my iPod Touch to get rid of the "two step verification"? I was resetting the unit and by accident I must have activated the verification process.

    Tried resetting several times but it still comes through that process with the two step verification active, even when I sign into my Apple account as part of the reset.

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    iPod Touch 2 step verification issue
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    The iPod Touch only has a passcode verification. The 2-step verification is on your Apple ID. You will want to login to Apple ID and disable it there.

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    iPod Touch 2 step verification issue
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    Log in to!&page=signin

    Sign in using your approved email and Apple ID Password. You may have to answer 2 security questions. Then you're in. Now go to "Security" where you can change any Security Questions, Password, Rescue Email and 2FA.

    Under this section are your devices. As you seem to have 2FA only on your iPod Touch, you may have to select that Device before changing/removing 2FA.

    NB Apple is very keen on 2FA and it is within the bounds of possibility that it won't allow you to remove it.

    But in any case, that's how you go about it.


    EDIT. Ashwin beat me to it!

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