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    iPod video stops when charging
    iPod 8th gen has loaded videos / using lightning to hdmi adapter to connect to tv / video plays until lightning cable is plugged in to charge iPod / iPod screen shows lightning connector and says, "connected". How do I continue to watch video on tv while charging iPod?
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    iPod video stops when charging
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    I'm assuming you're referring to an iPod Nano 8th generation? If so, there is no difference except the color choices from the 7th Generation. If you're referring to another iPod, tell us which one it is.

    The Nano iPod comes with a lightning charging cable and earphones. The headphone jack is audio only so you must be using the lightning charging port with the hdmi adapter to attach to your TV. Unless you can find some kind of dual adapter to charge the iPod and output video at the same time, it will not work. If you had an iPhone with loaded video, it could be done in a different way but an iPod Nano is just not capable as far as I know.

    I have the latest iPod Nano (7th Generation which is the same as the 8th) and I will experiment to see what else can be done and let you know if I come up with something usable.

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    I tried the following on two TV (both Samsung) and my MacBook. I am using; an Ipod 8th gen (final version), lightning to hdmi adapter and lightning cable.
    Ipod to lightning adapter to hdmi to TV - When the lightning cable is plugged in last, first or middle the video stops and the charging screen shows on the iPod. Tv's recognize input via cdmi, but do show video or produce audio. Mac just opens iTunes, syncs the iPod and charges. I 'eject' the iPod from the Mac and start the video. No show.

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