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    Will the apple store fix my cracked screen?
    I cracked my iTouch screen when I dropped it a couple times. Thinking I could fix it, I ordered a replacement kit and tried to do it myself. I watched an informational video while fixing the screen but I ended up messing it up and I think I broke the volume or power control (orange-ish strip wrapped above the logic-board) and I'm really afraid that I screwed my iPod. It won't even turn on. And yes, I charged it and everything, I even tried connecting it to a power source then turning it on but it still didn't work. And I powered off my iPod before commencing the repair. I am positive it had a full charge though. I had the digitzer cable and LCD cable to the new screen plugged in and everything. So I was hoping the apple store could fix it for me. I don't know what they're gonna do about the broken strip and my iPod not turning on so I'm anxious at what they're gonna say if I decide to go. you think I should bring it to the genius bar and they'll fix it? Also, how much do you think it would cost?

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    Will the apple store fix my cracked screen?
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    Yes Apple could fix it for you but at my guess a premium price.You would be better off scouting around and find someone that fixes iPhone, iPod screens in your area.
    I know here in Australia there are a lot of people doing this now and ic an get one fixed for $80, and if you could find something similar, prices shouldnt be that much difference, remembering there will be extra labour and parts because you have broken something.

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