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    iPod 4th gen problem-charging not available with this accessory
    Ive had my iPod touch for little over a year now, and for the past two months ive been trying to figure out how to fix it. The problem started out at first that whenever i plugged my iPod into my computer (PC) that it would sometimes stop charging and say "Charging not available with this accessory", but that was an occasional thing. Then one day the problem became permanent, it just wouldn't charge. Ive been living in Germany for the past three years and since I will be going back to the states soon I thought I could simply wait till then to go to an apple store (language barriers with technology isnt something im keen on testing). Well, I cant wait. My iPod will turn on periodically for a few moments before it dies again, WITH the charger plugged in, battery with the evil red sliver and charging sign underneath. I had read other threads stating it could be the new software updates that somehow dont let the iPod recognize the charger, so I thought maybe with the next update the problem could eventually fix if apple realizes the problem (im not the only one) Well, now apparently my iPod needs to be restored to update bc its in recovery mode. Every time I try to restore, it wont work, it finds an error and stops. Ive tried the button trick and whatever else I could do before it went completely dead and now im going to try a different charger. Either way, If anyone can give me some insight, since technology hates me -__- itd be appreciated. If the new charger works ill let you know, but id like to know my other options besides waiting a few more months to go to an english speaking genius bar. As for why i didnt try a new charger first, to tight on cash at the moment so im looking for the way that wont cost me money.

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    Well...It costs money a bit but you can buy chargers (mains pluggins) for around 2 - 3 's. I got a propper apple mains charger though.
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    Try updating your drivers, worked for me!

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    iPod 4th gen problem-charging not available with this accessory
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZNbeef56 View Post
    Try updating your drivers, worked for me!
    Not sure If your in the right thread. iPod touches and iPhones don't have drivers. I really would suggest getting a new cable, such as the one here. If that doesn't work, try another computer.
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