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    Question Selecting Tunes from Mac Library
    I have an iPod Nano. The only way I can select the music I want from the library on my iMac is to actually delete the songs I don't want from the library. For instance, if I have a full CD from an artist in my library but I don't want to hear every song - I have to actually delete the songs from the library. If I just uncheck them it doesn't register. What's the problem?

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    Selecting Tunes from Mac Library
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    Here's what I do...

    Set up a playlist for your Nano. Add the songs that you want on your Nano into the playlist. Plug your Nano in and go to the Music tab. You can then set your Nano to only sync music on a particular playlist (or set of playlists).

    In this way, you can maintain a master library of tracks on your computer (where presumably you have plenty of room), while keeping only what you really want on the Nano.
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    Thanks! It worked.

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