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    Unhappy iPod 3rd Gen stuck in Recovery
    Hey guys

    I've had my ipod touch 3rd gen for a while now, and it all seemed to work fine.
    But recently, when I connect it to iTunes it just charges, and iTunes freezes for 1 or 2 minutes, but it wont connect.
    Now, my major problem is that, in an effort to fix it, I put it into restore mode (The screen saying connect to iTunes) and now when plug it in (I have to do the thing where you hold the centre button) iTunes will recognise it, and restore it, but when my iPod restarts afterwards, Im back at square one with exactly the same screen.

    I've gotten a clean install of iTunes numerous times, and tried every situation for plugging it in; iPod on, iPod off, iPod in DFU mode, iPod in recovery mode, iPod on whilst holding centre button...

    Help D:

    EDIT: It's definitely my iPod, my sisters iPod Touch 4 works fine with my iTunes
    Please help D:

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    Smile Fixed ^^
    Never mind, it's all fixed now..

    I think all I;ve done though is have my computer off for about 8 hours

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