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    Broken iPod touch, how do I send to Apple?
    Hello! My iPod 16GB 2G Touch was immersed in water.
    It's been 14 months since I bought it (Assuming warranty's over).
    I want to send it to Apple, but I heard that calling them requires you to pay money... Which I want to avoid...

    Anyways, which number do I call to get my iPod fixed? Also, anyone know how much it'll cost?

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    Broken iPod touch, how do I send to Apple?
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    Its right on their website:

    Of course it will show that your unit is out of warranty. It cost nothing to call them (1-800-MY-APPLE), but you will get the same answer.

    My advice, buy a new one. The same thing happened to me. Well not exactly, but my iPod Touch was out of warranty and I broke it, But anyway, they wanted $199 (and I would have to pay the cost to ship it to them) and instead of fixing mine, they would send me a refurbished replacement. I bought a brand new 8gb unit - with a warranty. No, I can't carry as much music as I used to, but at least I know that my unit was factory fresh, not refurbished.

    Of course they don't make a 16gb unit any more. For $200 you can get an 8gb unit or for $300, a 32 gb unit.

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    Hmm... Makes sense...
    Seems apple's more expensive to replace broken hardware

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    Broken iPod touch, how do I send to Apple?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LieutenantEddy View Post
    Seems apple's more expensive to replace broken hardware
    Maybe...maybe not. Your 16gig iPod Touch 2nd gen. in used condition is probably worth around $150 bucks.

    How much do you think it should cost to repair an electronic device such as this that was immersed in water...when auto-mechanics at a new car dealership charge $75 dollars/hour for labor...or more?

    Then add in the cost of the parts needed to repair the iPod Touch (which is pretty significant due to immersing in water)...and as you can see the repair cost would be pretty high...whether it's Apple doing the repair or someone else.

    Basically (unfortunately) it's time to buy a new iPod Touch,


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    Broken iPod touch, how do I send to Apple?
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    I would echo the sentiment of replacing it outright, but if you do decide to send it in for repairs, be aware that there are other options aside from Apple. is one of the better vendors out there.

    Also, if you call Apple to arrange to send it back, they will want to charge you an upfront fee of $30 for a shipping box. This is absurd and is not necessary. You may have to argue with the CS rep, but you should ask for the mailing address to send it back on your own. If you're in the continental US, it should cost about $5 to send it back using Priority Mail.
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