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    Ipod issues please help!!!
    Hello all,
    Today I decided to try to fix some old ipods that I had. Well, the ipod 4th gen. came out good. All I did was pull out the hard drive, reattach and viola!!. I did the same with the ipod photo. The ipod photo was working ok and then I something popped up on my computer screen. Without reading it I just clicked o.k. and then I realized that the ipod photo screen was showing a darkened version of the apple logo, prior to that it was bright and showing the do not disconnect logo. I tried putting it in disc drive but all I get is a battery with an exclamation point and eventually it goes to the dark apple logo. What have I done? Did I fry something by pulling the hard drive out and putting it back in?
    Please help.

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    Ipod issues please help!!!
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