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    PC's hate Itunes and I'll prove it!
    I've lost 2 HD's from updating my iTunes and syncing at the same time. Both times no warning no hint of any problems. Blue screen of death. No recovery. No Safe mode just dead. And to add to the fire my back up from iTunes was currupted. I even had a compter tech. check it out and said "S-O-L"!
    Now I've been told that I have to pay $30 to just talk to Apple? Is this right?

    I just want my music back and on a Mac.

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    PC's hate Itunes and I'll prove it!

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    Is your music and stuff still on your iPod ??

    if your on a mac now, i'd give podtomac a try from Pod to Mac - Free iPod, iPhone Music Transfer Software to get your stuff off your ipod and onto your mac

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