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    Unhappy Will liquid damage appear later?
    My friend spilled wine on my macbook. It was on at the time and the screen went off. We immediately removed the battery and put the computer under a fan for a few hours. After several hours the computer was working again, but the screen was stained and splattered internally and the keyboard sticks a little, but other than that the computer is fine. My question is, will damage appear months later as a result of this, or is this damage happening right now the extent of it?

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    Will liquid damage appear later?
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    Good question I suppose that depends on why it went off in the first place. The best way I think you could tell is by taking everything apart and seeing where the wine went to ;(

    But I would absolutely say do not do that if you haven't done it 10 time before. All the same, its going to have to be cleaned. That will also require taking it apart, and the cleaning will have to be graceful, a q-tip job it sounds like (and I'm not talking about the screen)

    I would leave it off. Find your local Mac expert (its cheaper to go to a freelancer if you trust his/her skills), and have everything taken care. Then, double check.

    Lastly, politely ask you friend not to go near your computer again. If they are a true friend they will understand.

    Without being able to see it first hand, or having a very very detailed description. I believe the proper default answer to your question, "will damage appear later", is a certain Yes.

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    Will liquid damage appear later?
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    FPC has covered most of it. Have a read of this one posted just today.
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