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    some of my albums are in there multiple times
    I just reuploaded my music back on to my iPod 32gb touch 1st gen.. Everything is fine except that some of my albums are in there multiple times. For example, the Death Cab for Cutie album Transatlanicsm is in there in 4 time and their album we have the facts and we're voting yes is in the 8 times.. When I plug into iTunes and click under the music section of my iPod it only shows it being loaded once.. So how can I remove the extra ones?

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    some of my albums are in there multiple times
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    Restore your touch to clear it all out and then resync

    Hope this helps

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    some of my albums are in there multiple times

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    Been there, done that, agree with the previous poster.
    It's just gotten confused and needs to be wiped.

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