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    Is now a good time to buy a Touch?
    I'm going away in a few weeks and need to invest in something that'll hold me over on the plane, but I have a feeling that as soon as I hand over the 300 for a Touch a week later something new will be announced..

    Has anyone any rumours or advice for me? Or should I just go and buy one and shut up.. :p

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    Is now a good time to buy a Touch?
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    Well if your going to need it then buy it now.
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    Is now a good time to buy a Touch?
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    The Touch I do not see much more room for improvement besides maybe a faster processor, but still, that wouldn't be worth waiting. I bought the 1st gen touch a couple weeks before the 2nd gen was released. My touch is still going, with minor screen problems, which only happens when I play games (which is rarely).

    Going with Eric here, buy yourself the new Touch, you won't regret it. I wouldn't worry about waiting.

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