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    Next range of iPods - When will they come out?

    Does anyone have the slightest clue as to when any product of the iPod line will be updated? Any usual dates where they update them, or how many days have passed since they updated previous versions, etc. Anyone got any idea? This would help hugely as to what iPod i may be purchasing. Even if someone has a link to a site which has stats to how long its been since they released newer models in the past. Thanks!

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    Next range of iPods - When will they come out?

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    Not sure if you should trust them because since then they have released the U2 iPod and iPod Shuffle so they may be holding off on updates for a while until they can maximize sales on the newer items
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    Next range of iPods - When will they come out?
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    I'd guess May next year (i.e. May 2006)

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    Thanks for your replies - I've decided on the iPod photo so i think i'll be safe - seeing as though it was only released late last year

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