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    Isn't it sad the iPhone is such a great device to
    be in the control of the Hitler-like phone companies. I know, only one phone company has charge of it at the moment- and that is even worse!

    It just doesn't seem fair. Everyone should have an opportunity to own one of these, but I fear the phone oligopolies will once again put it to the average citizen as they currently do.

    Why do they even refer to them as "minutes" anyway? I hate the phone companies. The entire arrangement between Apple and AT&T smacks of 'Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf'.

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    Isn't it sad the iPhone is such a great device to
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    Which is the wolf, AT&T? That would be a change of thought as most people think Apple is wearing the pants in this venture and AT&T is falling all over themselves and paying Apple loads of money just to have it on their network!

    If you're mad at AT&T, be mad at Apple too for all the built-in obsolescence like no 3G, no MMS, no iTunes direct download and no IM, plus no third party apps that make true "smartphones" so versatile and great!
    "Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others"

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