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    ipXR charges with some cables, not others
    My iPhone XR responds to some lightening cables but not others.

    Initially I thought this might be due to Apple's ability to 'read' non-Apple interaction. But, some of the charge cables that work are not Apple.
    And, some of the cable that don't work with my XR do work with my iPad and iPod.

    Is there a way of knowing which lightening cables are compatible? Aside from package labeling, which is not always accurate - I have bought and subsequently returned several lightening cables.

    Thanks for this forum!

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    ipXR charges with some cables, not others
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    Have you tried cleaning the input lightning connector on your iPhone XR? Canned air works well to do that.

    The reason I ask is because if the cables work okay with your iPad and iPod, they are likely compatible and should work with your XR. Granted, there are some cheaply made lightning cables that can be bought from various places, and sometimes they do not work well or at all. But generally most third party lightning cables do work.

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