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    Lithium Ion Battery geek question- capacity vs health

    I ran this by Apple Care tech and they were confident that both the battery and the phone hardware are good. They said that my usage was normal and not above average. I'm mostly in email and < 1 hour of video, rarely using cell data, < 1/3 screen brightness.

    Battery has been replaced and health is 100%


    The battery does not last more than a few hours. Is it possible the replacement has low milli amp hours (MaH)?
    Would that account for the short charge life?
    iFixit has an 1810 mAh battery, but I see 2200, 2280, and even 2800's out there.

    iPhone 6
    iOS 12.4.5

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    Lithium Ion Battery geek question- capacity vs health
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    Have you tried resetting the phone? Several folks here and in another forum have complained of the same thing even with a new battery but a reset brought things back to normal. Remember that if you reset your phone you will need to make sure that you can install all your apps and data again. Be sure to backup first.

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    Lithium Ion Battery geek question- capacity vs health
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    Poor battery runtime with an otherwise good battery can be a result of having too much stuff turned on ("stuff" that uses battery energy even when you're not really actively using the phone). One big "offender" of this is "Notifications". Try turning off notifications for all apps that really aren't critical to everyday use of the phone.

    - Nick
    - Too many "beachballs", read this: Beachballs
    - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup
    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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    Lithium Ion Battery geek question- capacity vs health
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    To directly answer your question, the "health" of a battery is the percentage of original maximum storage that remains. That storage is measured in MaH. So a phone rated at 1810MaH that now has a max capacity of 1720 May is at 95% health.

    How long that battery lasts depends on how heavy a demand is being made on that battery capacity. So right now, for example, according to coconutbattery, a battery app I have installed, my iPhone 11 Pro is drawing about 250 maH, idling with the screen lit but nothing particular going on (no video, for example). Given that usage, if it stays constant, the battery should last two days easily. Obviously, the phone won't be a idle, and current draw will dramatically increase if I use the phone, particularly if I make a call, or stream audio or video, which will use up the battery faster. So with a video running, the demand seems to be just over 500 mA, which means that my capacity of 3600 MaH will be gone in 72 hours at that rate. With that same draw, an 1810 MaH battery will last 36 hours. But double the draw and you halve the life.

    So "health" is capacity, and a new battery should have full capacity. Capacity dies over time, slowly, so the battery will decay slowly, but probably so slowly that it is imperceptible to the user for the first 2-3 years. But how long the battery lasts is more a factor of the demand, which is increased by streaming, brightness, radio usage (WiFi, BT, GPS and cellular), among other things. Nick and chscag have given you two recommendations on how to make sure that nothing is running in the background sucking up battery. They should help.

    You said the battery was replaced. I would recommend you get coconutbattery and use it to get a reading on the battery. You didn't say where you got the "new" battery, but if there is a possibility of it being from a counterfeit battery maker, the software should be able to show that.

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