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    iPhone 11: GPS Problems?
    I've seen mentions here and there of GPS problems with the iPhone 11. Here's one article:

    iMore: iPhone 11 GPS all wonky? You're not alone, it seems

    I don't have an 11, but I'm wondering if others have seen this. It's not likely that you'd notice unless an app you're using, such as Waze or Strava, asks Location Services to provide GPS level accuracy.

    (Location and Maps Programming Guide)

    I'm interested because a couple of years back when Apple, in an ill-fated attempt to improve battery life, turned the GPS radio off by default on older phones like my iPhone 6s. It was really frustrating when apps like Strava and Waze simply refused to start up.

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    iPhone 11: GPS Problems?
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    As you say, Mike, impossible to test unless one has any of the apps you mentioned.

    All I can report is that my location on Apple Maps, Google Maps and weather apps always give a very accurate location of where I am. But that’s quite different from moving around - running, cycling etc.

    When walking, the mileage shown is accurate because I’ve measured certain road routes against my car and they correspond well, even up to 8 or 9 miles.

    I have the 11 pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWT View Post
    All I can report is that my location on Apple Maps, Google Maps and weather apps always give a very accurate location of where I am
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    iPhone 11: GPS Problems?
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    Waze insists on GPS level accuracy because it wants to be able to pinpoint your lane, something it couldn't do without GPS.
    Waze cannot pinpoint lane. None of them can. GPS is only accurate to 5 meters, and that is with a solid lock from over 4 satellites. Given that the lane is wider than the error, it is impossible to determine lane. The limitation is not with GPS inherently, but with the clock accuracy. If you are willing to spend $10,000US and up, you can get really accurate GPS receivers

    That said, I have an 11 Pro and used it with Waze just fine. Speeds/locations/directions were all accurate for the entire journey. I suspect that the person (1) who contact that author had a defective unit. But as the author sort of admits, happy people don't go on the internet to say so (nor do they contact authors to write articles because good news is not news).

    GPS is managed by the USAF. Here is what the US Gov't says about gps accuracy ( GPS Accuracy)

    For example, GPS-enabled smartphones are typically accurate to within a 4.9 m (16 ft.) radius under open sky (VIEW SOURCE AT ION.ORG). However, their accuracy worsens near buildings, bridges, and trees.

    High-end users boost GPS accuracy with dual-frequency receivers and/or augmentation systems. These can enable real-time positioning within a few centimeters, and long-term measurements at the millimeter level.

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