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    iPhone 6 -- already breaking down?
    I have a 6 Plus and over the past week or so I've noticed that the battery drains FAST. And by fast, I mean that it was at 100% and by the time I walked out to my car yesterday, it was 80%. It doesn't always drop so dramatically, but if I start out at 100% with only a few apps open (say, Messages and Facebook), the battery is dead with no use within 4-5 hours. (Is this normal??) Charging doesn't seem to be an issue (yet) but recently I took my lunch break and started at 50%; 15 minutes later my phone was dead and the only thing I was doing was sending a few texts. Never did have the battery replaced during the whole battery fiasco last year.

    This morning, the phone suddenly started playing a song from a playlist -- and MUSIC WASN'T OPEN. The only thing I could do to make it stop was restart the phone.

    I feel like normally a phone will last 8-12 months after OSX support is stopped. I have the opportunity to get an XR for free just by adding a line to my AT&T account. Would this be a good choice?
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    iPhone 6 -- already breaking down?
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    Well, I'm from the UK so I can't comment on AT&T; nor do I know what "just by adding a line to my AT&T account" means. But if a free XR is the result with minimum cost - go for it. It's a big jump from 6+ to XR and I'd take that.

    Backup your 6+ by whatever means you like and get the XR for "free".

    As to what's wrong with your 6+ - could be a failing battery; could be an excessive drain on the battery (Locations, Notifications, screen brightness, updating apps in the background etc).


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    iPhone 6 -- already breaking down?
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    43 was mentioned "already breaking down". What does this mean? We have no idea how old this iPhone 6s is. iPhone 6s's were first released over 4 years ago...and were discontinued September 2018 (14 months ago). Thus this could be 4+ year old phone...a more recent purchase...or it could be a "new to you" used iPhone 6s. Please let us know something about it age/newness.

    2nd...depending on it's age...let us know how many battery cycles are on it...or what the "Battery Health" is within the settings area. If using a newer iOS version...It should say "Maximum Capacity"...then give a percent.


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    iPhone 6 -- already breaking down?
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    I have the opportunity to get an XR for free just by adding a line to my AT&T account. Would this be a good choice?
    The one thing I learned over the years dealing with phone carriers is they generally do not give things away without costing you in the end. While the Xr is a big boost from your 6+, make sure you do all the math.

    As for your current problem, it does sound like a failing battery. Apple will replace it for $79.00 but make sure you make an appointment. This time of year they are especially busy.

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    iPhone 6 -- already breaking down?
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    You didn't mention how old this iPhone 6 is, but as already pointed out, you likely just need a new battery. Try checking the battery health with Coconut Battery, a free app that gives a MUCH more reliable indicator of the health of your battery than Apple will via the Settings app.
    coconutBattery 3.8.2 - by

    Note... there's no need for the "Plus" version. Download the freebie, then connect your iPhone to a computer (Mac or PC) with a lightning cable and run the app. The statistic you are looking for is the % of "design capacity" that the app will give you.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    I know when I leave my bluetooth on or my airdrop my battery drains very quickly. But it does sound like you need a new battery. Make an appointment to get it replaced, or get the XR like you mentioned. Personally, I would get the XR, just make sure there are no strings attached.

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