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    AirPods - A Cautionary Tale
    Just over a year ago I bought my wife AirPods for her birthday. She loves them. She uses them every morning during her running workout to listen to music on her Apple Watch. Seems to work great for her and she's become a running maven.

    Just a couple of weeks ago (right after the warranty expired) she started complaining the that right Pod wouldn't connect. A reset seemed to help, but it happened every day. Then she noticed that when she opened the case the AirPods no longer appeared on her iPhone X. (Oddly, I could get them to show up on my 6s.) I figured we'd need to buy a new pair. Oh, no.

    But then I happened to run across an article about cleaning your AirPods. It suggested that failing AirPods might be a symptom that dirt was preventing one or both Pods from charging.

    I set her to work with alcohol, cotton buds, a toothpick and an interdental brush. After a thorough cleaning; especially of the charging contacts inside the AirPod case, the Pods both charged quickly, Bluetooth pairing went off without a hitch and the Pods again appeared with battery charge info on her X.

    Problem seems to have been solved at no cost to us.

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    AirPods - A Cautionary Tale
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    Great advice for those with AirPods, Mike.



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