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    Removing Photos From iPhone XR
    I have 25,000 photos and videos saved to iCloud. I have 19680 pictures and videos on my phone taking up 7Gbs of space. I would like to keep the photos in iCloud but remove them from my phone.

    I turned off iCloud Photos. I got a message asking me if I want to 'Remove from iPhone' The phone then tells me it is going to remove 19,680 photos and videos. I confirm the action and as far as I can see, nothing happens. How long should it take to remove that number of photos. How do I know if the photo removal is actually happening?

    I tried logging out of iCloud and deleting the photos but as far as I can see nothing happened.

    In iCloud, when I check the photos section, I note there is a an upload button. If the photos are already in iCloud, where are they uploaded to?

    Advice please!

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    Removing Photos From iPhone XR
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    In iCloud, when I check the photos section, I note there is a an upload button. If the photos are already in iCloud, where are they uploaded to?
    This usually refers to uploading images from your winOS/macOS PC through your browser, is that where you're logging into iCloud?

    In regard to the images being removed from your iPhone, it could take a while, as that is a lot of images you want to delete, in my opinion.
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    Removing Photos From iPhone XR
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    Personal preference, but I would use something like this before deleting the photos off your device, just in case something bad happens:

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