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    iPhone XS Max missing images
    I have been using iPhone X 256gb without issue for 6 months, then bought iPhone XS Max 512gb. I thought the process to move between phones would be easy ....
    Backup the iPhone X using iTunes
    Restore the backup to iPhone XS Max, using iTunes - all should be good?????

    Both phones were brand new, no problems, never dropped etc ...

    Main issue is that of the 12,000 images on the iPhone x, only 8,000 images came across - the other 4,000 images that were supposed to come across are blank white / grey tiles ... you can't open them or see them

    So the image count is the same, just that you can't open 4,000 images on the XS Max.

    If you Airdrop the missing images between the phones, it works, just don't want to do it 4,000 times as easy to mess it up. And the new images don't show up in the correct date / Album etc

    Don't want to use iCloud as don't want my stuff on other peoples servers - and it is over 50gb

    Have been trying to get help from Apple for almost a month without success so far - anyone have any ideas?

    Just did some extra testing and it seems that iPhone XS Max is the problem - have taken 50 or so photos on the XS Max, and about 10% randomly don't copy across to the PC - error message says that ' It appears that we don't support this format' - but if you look at the copied across image it is a .jpg and there are no weird characters in the filename

    And for movies a similar message is displayed. 'This file isnít playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt.' (For a .mov file)


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    iPhone XS Max missing images
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    Welcome to Mac Forums!

    Let me ask you a few questions so the users here can better help you.

    Is the PC you are using Windows?

    Were all the 12K images taken with the iPhone X?

    What version of IOS is on the X and on the XS? Is it the same version?

    You say you took 50 photos with the XS. Will they all open on the XS and just not transfer without some errors to the PC?

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    Thanks for the queries

    1. PC is Windows 64, 16gb ram / 1Tb and lots of free space
    2. No, the photos have come from iPhone 3, 4, 4s and X, but all the 'blank white tiles' were taken by the iPhone X
    3. The IOS on the X and XS Max are the same both were updated before the X was backed up to latest iTunes, then restored to the XS Max
    4. Correct, you can see them on the XS Max as normal, but about 30% don't go back to the PC

    Apple have said they are aware of the issue, but I have been waiting for a month and no timeline of when it will be fixed

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