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    "voice memo" bandwidth/bit rate/sampling
    OK, I'm getting confused info about this.

    What is the sampling rate (bits per sec/kHz) of "Voice Memo" in iOS12? I understand there are two selectable audio qualities - one "uncompressed", and the other "normal", or maybe in some versions it's called "AAC".

    To record voices, one actually needs only a very low sampling rate. 16kHz would be fine. But I am led to believe that even the lower quality audio on iOS12 is something like 50 kHz, which is OK for music. The higher one is a lot higher, maybe for studio-quality recordings. So why a "Voice Memo" would need high frequency sampling doesn't make sense.

    What gives? That is, why not just call it "Recording"?
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    Well, I measure 60-70 kHz. Not bad for music.

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