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    iPhone 8 and iTunes

    For some reason my iPhone 8 no longer connects to my iTunes (version on OS Mojave) ....the usb works fine as I can see the phone connected via system information and hardware (this also happens on my MacBook air). Everything on both devices is updated too.

    Any help with this please?

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    iPhone 8 and iTunes
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    Then what do you mean "For some reason my iPhone 8 no longer connects to my iTunes (version on OS Mojave)"? More specifics please?

    I have noticed, I am having issues syncing my
    iPhone 8+. I have to remove the plist file and let iTunes create a new one each time. But, I am thinking it has something to just installing, and starting to use iMazing, since I am new to it.
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    iPhone 8 and iTunes
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    Yes please, emtaylor90.

    Let's say you use a USB connection directly into your Mac (no hub).

    You open iTunes. Do you see the iPhone icon at the top of the window (close to "Music")? - I do not mean in the Sidebar.

    Yes - well then click on it and it will open the usual Window for syncing and updates etc.

    If No - which is more likely given your post, have you tried the following:

    Shut off your iPhone.
    Force shut down your iPhone.
    Rebooted your Mac

    If none of these work, then re-download iTunes from here:

    I had this problem some months ago with my iPhone X and having AppleCare Plus, I got in touch with them and the re-download was the solution.


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