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    Angry restarting repaired iphone 7 is en ffing disaster
    Getting my iPhone 7 back after repair but unable to use it.

    First of all there was an old copy of months ago on iTunes: why doesn't iTunes periodically save ones iphone?

    Two step authentication doesn't work: what idiot had the bright idea to send a verification code to the phone one is trying to get working??
    This is STANDARD???

    The only options are "send new code" or call the number that doesn't work yet. Nether is an option I can choose.

    The message said a code was sent to my other iOS device "10.12 or higher", which I don't have. My computer cannot go higher than 10.10.5, Yosemite.

    So then account recovery: my old creditcard was there, destroyed that one

    Then I could have the code spoken on my landline: did that.

    Now I have to wait for 23 hours for new instructions.


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    restarting repaired iphone 7 is en ffing disaster
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    All iPhones can be set to iCloud backup every day. iTunes backups aren't necessary. That way you can always recover the phone independently of iTunes. If you sign into your Apple ID on your Mac, then your Mac should be able to get the 2FA code for your phone.

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