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    iPhone only no landline
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    In case there's any confusion among the non-US based members. Here in the US landline telephone service & cable TV service historically (until the last 10-12+ years or so)…have always been separate. The telephone companies had their own wires…and the cable companies had their own wires (much of the time on the same poles)...unless they were buried underground. This would also mean separate wiring going into your home "from the pole"…and separate wiring in the house.

    Then the cable TV companies started offering VOIP (voice over IP)…which meant that you could do all your "landline" phone calls via the cable TV company. Now customers had a choice…get (or keep) your landline telephone services with the traditional telephone companies…or switch to getting your landline telephone services from the cable company. And of course this could be bundled from the cable company (cable TV, landline phone, and internet) all from the same company & same cabling.

    Thus here in the US if someone decided to…they could get:

    - Cable TV, internet, and landline phone from the cable company.
    - Or just cable TV & internet
    - Or just cable TV.
    - Or just internet.

    All sorts of combinations. Thus very easy to not have landline phone…yet still have the other services.

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    iPhone only no landline
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    I am keeping my internet pkg I had on my land line and just changing numbers. It is called “porting”

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