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    Notes sync from Mac Book Air to iPhone
    Apologies if this has been discussed before. Looking to make sure my notes on my mac book air - appear on my iPhone. I connect the two with a usb cable but only pics seem to transfer. For the record - Its a 3 year old Mac Book air running high sierra 10.13.5 and i have a brand new iPhone 7 (3 weeks old) running 11.3.1. I have notes on each device but they never meet. Help. Thank you.

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    Notes sync from Mac Book Air to iPhone
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    You might give one of these methods a try.
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    Notes sync from Mac Book Air to iPhone
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    You need to confirm you are logged into iCloud using the same Apple ID on both devices. Look in System Preferences > iCloud in macOS, and in iOS go into Settings, then select your Apple ID, and confirm they match.

    The only other thing that may be happening, is that you are storing the Notes, "on this device", and not in iCloud.
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    Notes sync from Mac Book Air to iPhone
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    And BTW, the latest iOS for your brand new iPhone 7 is 11.4.

    Well worth updating as I think 11.3.1 went through a few steps before becoming 11.4. In other words, quite a lot has changed since 11.3.1.

    And +1 for Bob's advice to check that your Notes are not being stored on your device rather than in iCloud.


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