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    iPhone 7 deaf and mute
    Hey everybody!

    Just want to check my chain of thought on an iphone 7 that was brought to me. I'm thinking this is probably a logic board problem.

    Lady brought in her iphone 7, said that out of the blue the earpiece speaker and microphone quit on her daughters phone. Checked it out and made a call to my phone, no ringing when the phone calls out, when answered there is no sound from the earpiece and nothing can be heard on the other phone coming from this iPhone's mic. Also the icon for the speaker phone is disabled. Mic and earpiece did work once while calling to this phone and then didn't work for any further calls in or out. Also tried recording a video to see if the mic would record there, but no luck. Strangly enough, I attempted another video a few minutes later and it failed to record (video timer remained at 00:00 and went from a stop button to a record button).

    My first thought was that it was a software issue, so I have backed up her phone and put the phone into recovery mode and installed the iOS fresh (V11.3.1) and setup as a new phone without restoring data. Attempted a call out again, I was able to hear the phone ring through the loudspeakers once but then dead silence on the earpiece and no audio from the mic, the icon for speakerphone was once again greyed out.
    I attempted to call out a few more times, most times I could hear it ringing out on this iphone's loudspeaker but a few times it was silent. Also attempted to call into this phone, it vibrates despite being set to max volume and DnD being turned off.

    Not sure if there is much else that could be done to isolate the problem. Externally the phone shows no sign of drop or water damage.

    Any ideas?

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    iPhone 7 deaf and mute
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    I was going to suggest it may have suffered either a drop or water damage but if you say there are no signs of it..... Although you would really have to open the phone to see if the indicators are showing water or liquid saturation. Other than those two causes, it could just be a defective logic board as you stated above. That would mean replacing the phone rather than trying to replace just the logic board.

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    Thank you chscag I was feeling pretty confident on the bad logic board angle but just wanted to check my thinking on it. Phone is still under warranty so I wanted to refrain from opening it. I will let my customer know it will need to be sent in for warranty repair.

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