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    Pen for screen use
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    Pen for screen use
    Donít know if this is the correct area to be posting this question.
    Chubby fingers donít always type the correct words when using we keyboard on an iPad or iPhone.

    Recently I bought a mini pen (about 2Ēlong) which has a plastic attachment at the end of short cord which can be plugged into the iPhone or iPad microphone connection... so not to lose it.

    Does anybody know if plugging this plastic in and out of headphone slot will eventually harm the microphone connection as sometimes I will use headphones with it?

    Pen is cheap but if using this a lot could wreck microphone would be bad and make it unusable... not ready to buy a new phone yet and donít think there is an option to FIX microphone.

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    Pen for screen use
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    If you are not constantly plugging something in and out of the microphone jack, you are going to be fine. Some headphone jacks have small prongs backed by springs to hold the cord in place, repeated insertions/extractions (many times, daily) will make these springs not be as good as they need to be to hold the connector in.

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    Pen for screen use
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    I bought one of those for my wife to use with her phone. She gave up on it after a while because it was interferring with the case and didn't fit easy enough in her handbag. She now uses one of those cheap plastic pointers with the rubber tip on one end but even those get lost after awhile. I keep 4 or 5 spares around just in case.

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