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    Apple Watch Ringtone on my iPhone
    Does anyone know who I can get my apple watch ringtone on my iPhone so I can set it as my default iPhone ringtone as well.

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    Apple Watch Ringtone on my iPhone
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Not sure we understand your question? You want to put your Apple Watch ringtone (notification sound) on your iPhone? If so, have you searched for that particular ringtone sound? If you find it and as long as it meets the criteria for a ringtone, you can sync it to your iPhone via iTunes.

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    Apple Watch Ringtone on my iPhone
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    I'm not sure and I don't use either iDevices and unless things have changed, doubtful, it doesn't look like it's easily doable according to this:

    But as chscag says… you just may find a solution…

    - Patrick

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    Yes I am wanting to put my Apple Watch notification on my iPhone. I have looked for it but have not found it yet.

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