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    Click sound in iPhone 7

    Sometimes there is a click sound while gaming? Is it a problem in iPhone 7?

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    Click sound in iPhone 7
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    This has been reported by several people. Some call is a hissing sound and others clicking. If you google the problem there are a lot of posts. Here are a couple of articles about this issue:

    It seems most are returning their iPhone 7 for a new one. I have noticed the number of complaints in forums seems to have died down. Whether this is because Apple has replaced them all or people are ignoring it I can not say. Most have said there seems to be no issues caused by the noise other than it is annoying.

    I have an iPhone 7+ and I have never noticed a problem. I will say I never game on my iPhone (I don't think solitar counts ) but I do play videos. If it bothers you - return it for a new one.

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    find that ur not the only one suffering from this problem

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    Thank you for the information.

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